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eternal sea Netherlands bound

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

What an opportunity for eternal sea as we have been invited to do a concert in The Netherlands where we will be working with the fabulous Suze Langmann, founder of Divine Connection. June will be offering a sound healing workshop, followed by a sound bath from Tom, Suze and June. The evening will end with a concert by eternal sea.

Final details are being organised as I write and we are looking forward to working with Suze again. Suze is an amazing therapist and teacher and runs internationally acclaimed workshops on Kundalini and Tantra practices. We are honoured to be part of her November schedule of events.


We had a great time in The Netherlands and visited many interesting places especially the world heritage site, Kinderdyk which has 19 windmills.

Our gig and sound bath in Rotterdam went very well. Thank you to our host Suze Flower for making the arrangements and for showing us around. It really was a magical few days.

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