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Soul Soothing Retreat - Traquair Village Hall

We are looking forward to working with the wonderful Rachel at this retreat on Sunday. 24th September in Traquair Village Hall. Please see below the details about the retreat from the organiser Rachel.

Soul Soothing Timetable

11.50 Arrive, Altar offering & Settle on Yoga Mat

12.00 Welcome, Orientation & OM’s

12.15 Classical Yoga for All (No levels)

1.15 Lunch 45 mins (Journal option)

2.00 A local Mindful Gentle Walk (optional)

2.25 Rest & Feet up for 5 minutes

2.30 Breath Body & Mind (Qi Qong & Rest)

3.30 Afternoon Tea (Journal option)

4.00 Sacred Chanting Kirtan & Meditation

4.15 Yoga Nidra Deep Rest (Sound bath)

4.50 Reflections Q&A

5.00 Closing & fairwells

Please bring with you:

Yoga Mat



Eye pillow or scarf for your eyes


Journal/Note book & pen for reflections

Walking boots or Trainers

Layers of clothing suitable for outside weather & temperature changes should you wish to walk.

Less layers needed during movement & more during stillness (Think Chunky knit, hoodie & thick socks) Don’t forget your blanket !

You will gain maximum benefit by bringing All the above items for your day 🤩


An offering for the Altar

Altars are Sacred Spaces that vibrate & emit positive & peaceful energy.

This energy collectively cultivated spiritually charges up all our conscious awareness.

In addition to spirituality cleansing charging & to honour any items precious to us placed around them.

*You may also choose to bring for the Altar (optional)

Flowers or a Flower

A fruit offering (small piece of fruit)

A item/s of Jewellery personal to you

Pendant or Crystal/s

Photograph/s loved ones past or present

If this is new for you just feel into it let your Heart decide Please remember It’s optional

Please do arrive 10 minutes before the Retreat starts 11.50am. This will leave you enough time to settle into your chosen space, unpack, visit the bathroom, place your item on the Altar & get comfy.

Any questions please do let me know.

Blessings & a Warm Welcome on the Sunday awaits.

Can bring cash on the day or pay via Bacs

£70 or 2 people for £100 - £50 each

Rachel Tisdall

LLoyds Bank



(Please include your name as a bank reference)

Thank you for your kind donation

Living Yoga Life Not for Profit can continue to support others facing financial difficulties.

Peace In Peace Out

Rachel x 

07940 000118

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