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Thank you Sight Scotland

What a wonderful day at Sight Scotland in Paisley last Wednesday. We were invited to do 3 sound baths for staff and veterans. It truly is a remarkable place with wonderful staff who make it a pleasure to be there. We will be back again in June for Carers Week and will, again, be holding sound baths for carers, veterans and staff.

Sight Scotland's Mission Statement is:

Our vision is clear. We won't give up until we see that every veteran in Scotland experiencing sight loss is offered support.  Our camaraderie is vital to regaining lost confidence.

We are committed to bringing about change at local and national level to enable blind and partially sighted people to be included and lead fulfilling lives. 

Throughout our reviews of our work, you'll see how we've reached out to more veterans and invested to help achieve this vision. We want to share some of our key milestones and achievements with you, and look at the impact these achievements have had on the individuals we support. 

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