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The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival Update

Updated: May 11, 2023

The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds

The King's Coronation Day did not stop a couple of thousand people coming out to The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival. What a great atmosphere among the 80+ stands offering some of the most delicious vegan food on the market as well as a plethora of vegan goods such as shoes, jewellery, cards, clothing and more.

We would like to thank everyone who came along to listen to our set which included a new chant, 'May I Be Happy', an upbeat number based on the 'Metta Prayer', a Buddhist mantra of kindness and compassion.

Our new PA System also made it's debut but unfortunately we had a number of issues with it and will have to work on them. Having said that our set went down very well and we received a lot of good feedback, including this lovely comment from Marylin Spellman via our Facebook page "A brilliant end to a nice day." One chap hoped we would do the 'Mul Mantra', as we sung part of it in our sound check, sadly we didn't have time to include it in the set - but we're back at the next festival on 25th November and will definitely do it then.

Our beloved drum, gifted by the Algonquin/Cree-Métis elder Sandy Laframboise, did not make the journey to Leeds as although, blessed at a sacred birthing ceremony, it still none the less contains goat skin. During 'Albatross/Learn How To Fly' it was replaced by, of all things, a plastic food container which unsurprisingly didn't sound as good. :) If anyone has any photographs we would love to see them.

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