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What a great week we had in Shropshire

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

eternal sea june meagher and tom grierson bridgnorth yoga studio

Last week was a busy one for us, First up was a visit to the Bridgnorth Yoga Studio where we performed a seventy minute musical improvisation on guitar, harp and handpan to accompany yogi, Sahara Alexandra, as she gave her weekly yin yoga class. Our improvisation ran directly into a soundbath, We returned to the same venue a few nights later to perform a full set accompanied by Tom Shanti and Sarah Jane Luck. Further percussion was added by the audience who joined in with drums and shakers on a few numbers, most notedly a rousing 'Shiva Shiva' which had most of them up dancing, a sight that was just too much for June who jumped out of her her seat to join them - tut tut. We also played our take on 'My Sweet Lord' for the first time, it still needs a bit of work but I think it will fit nicely into our repertoire,

june meagher and tom grierson eternal sea at the bandstand in The Quarry, Shrewsbury

June Meagher, Tom Grierson and Tom Shanti playing as eternal sea in the Bandstand, The Quarry, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Sunday found us at a windy bandstand in The Quarry, a beautiful 29 acre park in the heart of Shrewsbury, as part of the LivingWell 2023 Festival. Tom, who once again joined us, started off proceedings by playing ancient Tibetan reed and brass instruments whilst we accompanied him on Tibetan cymbals. I'll bet the old Quarry Bandstand had never witnessed anything like it in its one hundred and forty four years. The gig went really well and the acoustics were fantastic. A gig in a bandstand, that's one ticked off the bucket list for Tom S and I - even if it started at 11:45 a.m. We noticed a number of people filming various parts of the set or taking photos, as always we'd love to see these.

sahara alexandra and tom grierson from eternal sea at LivingWell Festival 2023 The quarry, Shrewsbury

At the end of our set I rushed across the park to once again accompany Sahara, this time on improvised, solo guitar, as part of her yoga workshop.

What with all this, parties, sightseeing, lovely meals and meeting old and new friends , including the dogs K9, Coco and Rosie (the latter of whom wandered from the audience and sat between us on the bandstand for a few numbers) its safe to say we had a cracking week - roll on the next one. Tom G

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