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What an amazing week of gigs and sound baths in North Wales and Shropshire

Updated: May 1, 2023

The end of February was pretty busy for eternal sea. It started with a gig and two sound baths at a Spiritual Development Weekend in Llandudno which were great fun. Many of those who attended had never experienced a sound bath before and their feedback said not only had they enjoyed it but that it was the first time that they had relaxed in a long time. We have been invited back in November.

We then made our way to Shropshire where, in between gigs, we spent a wonderful week in an old converted barn next to the Montgomery canal.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our sound bath at the Bridgnorth Yoga Studio where we also accompanied yogi Sahara with a 70 minute improvised, instrumental set as she gave her evening yin yoga class. A few days later we did a concert at the same venue helped along by numerous drummers and percussionists. A good time was had by all.

Our final gig of the week was a performance at St Mary's Church in Shrewsbury as part of the Shropshire Wellbeing Seminar, Exhibition & Concert. We played in the evening alongside other musicians including Jonathan Day who was launching his fantastic new album Sakura. Tom also did a solo set which included songs by Leo Sayer, Woody Guthrie, David Bowie, Dire Straits, The Beatles and Ralph McTell. A great day despite 12 hours of biting cold. Hats off to the audience who braved the conditions beneath a sea of thick woollen headwear, coats, gloves and blankets.

We were once again joined on stage by Tom Shanti who played tabla, harmonium and percussion. We were delighted to reciprocate this by playing percussion for him when he did his Kirtan set.

A video from this concert can be seen by clicking the above link. Sadly a couple of other events had to be cancelled due to problems with the venue but we hope to catch up with these in the not too distant future.

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