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eternal sea

eternal sea gigs intertwine ancient chants with the  music of more contemporary artists such as Donovan, Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, John Martyn and Leonard Cohen. 

 When possible we are joined on stage by percussionist  supreme, Tom Shanti.

Our Sound Journeys, which consist of a guided meditation, a sound bath and a concert, feature instruments such as harps, gongs, singing bowls, handpans, guitars, chimes, sea drums, native drums, bodhrans,  mbiras, shakers, kalimbas and a multitude of other percussion instruments.

 June Meagher & Tom Grierson  from eternal sea also offer  Sound Baths, Sound Healing Workshops, & Retreats around the UK & Europe.  We are also available for private and charitable events. 

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Watch shorts from our two gigs at Soul Medicine Festival, May Bank Holiday, 2023

Pamela, Paisley

“You are both really cool. You played some of my favourite chants and mantras and I have never heard anything like it.  People do not know what they are missing."

Linda, Glasgow

“There is something for everyone, blues, jazz, pop, rock and bossa nova. Wow, what an honour to listen to you play, thank you."

Lisa, Shrewsbury

“I felt so blessed to be part of their workshop and gig. It was so uplifting that I could not help but join in with the songs, which is unusual for me.”

Cathie, Runcorn

“We had never done anything like a sound bath before.  What an experience, we fell asleep and felt so happy afterwards.  Tom & June are just beautiful souls.  I trusted them completely - just wow!"

Liz, Shrewsbury

It was fabulous, we are so fortunate to have you both  share your music. I cannot get the song Perfect Day of my head and sing it all day long, even at work.  I just love it, there is something about it.” Click on above song link for video.

Jon, Stafford

“ I found the whole day very heartwarming, inspiring and the music was excellent. 
If some day I can shine just a fraction of the light that Tom and June have in adundance, I’ll have succeeded. ”

Grace, Birmingham

“Your set really made the festival for me.  I loved hearing the songs from the 60's and combining them with chants, genius! It was very beautiful and you have such wonderful voices.  I am so happy I came here"

Olly, Shropshire

“I just loved your gig guys, it was amazing.  You are both amazing and what energy and light around you.  You just shone and it is obvious you love what you do, you can feel it.  Absolutely loved it!"

Karen, Bridport

“ I am just in awe of you both, your music, your humour, your obvious love for what you are doing and how you deliver it.  It was a joy to be in the same room with you at Soul Medicine Festival ”

Sarah, Cornwall

"What an experience!  Tom & June are so comfortable with each other that it made me feel comfortable too.  Great music, singing and guitar playing."

Golkou, Manchester 

“I totally loved the gig June and Tom did at Spirit Horse, it was cosmic.  I was so chilled and inspired.  I hope to see them again soon."

Peter, Renfrew

“As a student I find it very difficult to stop my mind from thinking.  For the first time in years I felt peace, thank you so much.”

June & Tom also offer sound baths and sound healing workshops at festivals and locations around the UK including  Conscious Tribal Gathering,

Spirit Horse, Turiya Yoga Centre, Retreat of Dreams, Audio Farm, Cauldron of Plenty, UK Vegan Festivals in various cities,  HEAL Festival , LivingWell Festival, Soul Medicine Festival  and many others. 

June and Tom work with Jenny Brooks, former Findhorn teacher and resident on the Be-In Presence Retreats in North Wales and  

Sahara Alexander on various retreats at Spirit Horse and workshops and gigs at the  Bridgnorth Yoga Centre at which she is Director.

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