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June Meagher & Tom Grierson have joined together to create eternal sea, a duo who infuse ancient mantras and chants with contemporary music.  

Some  of these chants and mantras can find themselves put to a folk, blues or bossa nova rhythm and entwined within the songs of Donovan, Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Kate Bush, Rev Gary Davies and Leonard Cohen amongst others.  An eternal sea concert will also include the words of mystics and poets such as  Rumi alongside Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Native American Chants.  

June & Tom also offer sound baths and sound journeys  at festivals and venues around the UK  and Europe including  

Conscious Tribal Gathering, Spirit Horse, Turiya Yoga Centre, Retreat of Dreams, Audio Farm, Cauldron of Plenty,  HEAL Festival, LivingWell Festival, Soul Medicine Festival, various Vegan Festivals around the UK.  

Between them June Meagher and Tom Grierson have more than 60 years experience in music, songwriting, poetry, sound healing and managing and organising retreats. 

June Meagher has been teaching sound healing and various healing modalities for over 30 years. 

June, a well-known and respected healer was a pioneer for healing when she was a Trustee of The Healing Trust (Previously the NFSH) the UK's largest healing organisation.

  • A founding Trustee of Sound4Healing, a charitable foundation aimed at funding sound healing research which sat alongside The College of Sound Healing

  • A Former Trustee and Board Member of The Healing Trust (NFSH) the UK’s largest association for healers

  • A Former Trustee of Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreats Ltd, the UK’s oldest residential yoga centre in the UK and home to the International Hermeneutic Society

  • Taught the 2 year spiritual Healing course for the Peacehaven Healing Centre (A BAHA registered centre)

  • The resident holistic tutor at the Priory Business & Training School, Shrewsbury for over 10 years until 2018

  • Awarded the LuxLife Holistic Tutor of the Year 2019

  • Created the Talking your Walk series on YouTube featuring leading healers and therapists globally

  • Created the CDs, Journey of the Soul with Maria Giles and Susan Raven , Deep Space Within & AMMAR Dance Chants

Currently June:

  • Holds workshops, courses and retreats around the UK and Europe.

  • Runs AAMARHealing which offers courses and workshops to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

  • Is a Trustee of the UGC in Shrewsbury alongside Dr Lale Tuncer and together they are creating an online healing course

  • Manages the LinkedIn Group Healers & Therapists news which has over 18,000 members from across the globe

  • Give talks and demonstrations in healing, mindfulness, meditation and sound healing at festivals and events throughout the UK

  • Organises LivingWell with Jane Lightfoot, Shropshire's largest FREE holistic wellbeing festival which has around 100 exhibitors and 30 speakers 

  • Works with Jenny Brooks, Former Findhorn resident and teacher, on the the Be-In Presence retreats in North Wales

  • Works with Sahara Alexander, Director of the Bridgnorth Yoga Centre on various retreats.

  • Manages her SoundCloud channel which allows you to download her music for free. 

  • Is a registered healer with Peacehaven Healing Centre (BAHA Registered)

  • Is a registered therapist and tutor with the FHT. 

Tom Grierson is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, who performs solo or as one half of the duo eternal sea for whom he arranges the music.

As well as using various guitars he also accompanies himself on a host of other instruments including ukulele, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, strumstick and various implements that can be put into a harmonica harness such as kazoo, siren whistle and harmonica of course.
He was  co-editor of the cult Donovan fanzine 'Get Thy Bearings' and has had his poetry widely published  and broadcast but nowadays he prefers to stick to the music.

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We play with various musicians whenever possible especially percussionist Tom Shanti who, when available, joins us for our gigs in England and Wales.

Tom Shanti, Yogi  of Sound, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Gong meditation facilitator

Tom Shanti is a Yogi of Sound,   a multi instrumental musician and classically trained singer of Hindustani vocals , Tabla and is an  experienced  Kirtan Leader having held many Satsang and chanting groups in various  venues including Hindu Temples, Buddhist Centres, Yoga studios , retreats and festivals across the UK .   Tom Shanti is a Kirtan leader who loves sharing the liberating  power of sacred mantra from both traditional and contemporary styles . He plays the Harmonium,  Guitar and various world drums  and likes to include these in his musical mantra offerings either leading or accompanying others who wish to lead a chant or sacred song . The intention of his practice is to create a sacred space to experience ones own true nature of peace and bliss and sink into the heart through Bhakti Yoga.  His sessions also cultivate spiritual awareness , insight and help to clear subconscious obstacles and self limiting belief patterns . 

Tom Shanti is also a qualified instructor of Yoga, Tai chi, Qigong and Gong meditation facilitator .You can find out more about Tom and his events  at Facebook  pages:  Tom Shanti , Sacred Sound Guru , Shropshire Yoga and his website   :

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