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Sailing Homeward live at Soul Medicine Camp Out

We close all our gigs and soundbaths with Donovan's 'Sailing Homeward' from his 1973 'Essence To Essence' album. This particular version was recorded in the beautiful Haybarn in the village of Wall Under Heywood as part of the 2023 Soul Medicine, Camp Out Shropshire Festival. I love the fact that you can hear birds chirping throughout which is quite fitting as when Don first sang 'Sailing Homeward', as 'Riding Homeward' in his role as The Pied Piper in Jacques Demy's 1972 film of the same name, birds can be heard singing throughout that too. (Wee things like that appeal to me. Tom) Thanks to Kris Ellis for filming this, to Tom Shanti for the lovely tinsha bells at the end (sorry we can't see you Tom) and to you for watching. Sailing Homeward (Donovan cover) by eternal sea. Recorded live at Soul Medicine Festival 2023. ( Keep safe, Tom & June eternal sea.

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